Monday, July 30, 2012

A Word from our Leaders... Tommy Talks

Hey aesopers! My name is Tommy Holmberg and I will be co-leading the sailing trip. I just spent this past semester studying abroad in Mongolia with Lucas Millikin, the co-leader of Baxter Bushwackers 1. While we were over there, we spent some time as nomadic goat herders, living fully immersed in tiny shelters with Mongolian speaking families. When not on horseback tending to our livestock, we spent tons of time hiking up in the beautiful Altai mountains. We had camel races, we got lost in Gobi, sandstorms we ate goat eyes, we did it all. Holla.

For our month long independent study projects, Lucas travelled around remote Khazak Mongolia, interviewing and living with the local people inventorying their homes to examine the effects of globalization. I studied the nation's infrastructure by embarking on a two week adventure all around the country that included 125 hours of hitchhiking over wild terrain. Giddy up.

Currently, we are back in the states getting excited for AESOP. Lucas is working as a kayaking trip leader in Freeport, Maine and I am in Chicago working in casting and marketing at a theatre/teaching sailing. After I write this, I will continue examining maps of the Maine coast deciding which amazing islands my aesopers will camp on during our trip. Get pumped, sailors we're gonna have the time of our lives!

Awwwww yaaaaaaaaa


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