Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Silly Computers!

Alright, so I know we promised to get trip placements out to you guys on the 24th and we really did think we were going to make it.. but, alas, we're going to keep the suspense building. We pressed the "send button" for all 357 student emails at exactly midnight last night, but by sending them all at once, our mail program that sends individual emails to each of you with your trip stopped sending after the first 20 emails on our list (in alphabetical order of course.. I hate how it does that since my last name is at the very end of the alphabet and I can feel for you guys whose last names don't start with 'A'..). So for the 20 lucky ones that received your trip placements, congratulations; for the other 340 of you please be patient!  We're currently working with the IT department at Bates to get this issue resolved.  Sorry!


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