Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm not sure about your summers but ours here are frickin' packed.  Because of this, we apologize for not posting more on the blog, but don't worry because that'll change big time in the coming weeks.  Once you find out your trips we'll be posting stories from our leaders and keeping you guys up to date with all of the behinds the scenes work leading up to your trips.   Speaking of trips, look for an email by 8pm EST Tuesday, July 24th (TWO DAYS) with your trip assignments!  It'll be like Christmas in July, or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or if you don't celebrate any of those just imagine it'll be like the best birthday you've ever had.  We'll also be letting the trip leaders know who are on their trips so feel free to get in contact with them!   

Monks and nuns learning algebra!
Anyway, to give you a brief update on my life... I've been spending the majority of my time for the past couple weeks sitting in front of my computer writing a research paper.  In the summer.  When it's beautiful outside.  AWESOME.  Actually, it's pretty interesting, for me at least (minus the fact that papers are not nearly as fun as summer shenanigans).   The paper is for my abroad program that I completed this past spring in Dharamsala India.  If you ever want to know about how western science is being incorporated into the Tibetan monastic education system let me know!  I've got about 40 pages waiting for you.  

In other news; I went to California with my dad to see some family and friends in early July.  My families 10th annual capture the flag/pig roast/ bonfire party was an epic success at my family farm outside of Philly.  I'm also about to drive up to Squam lake (home of a few AESOP trips) to spend some time with family and friends on the lake.  I cant wait! 

Don't forget to check your Bates email on Tuesday night!  

Here are some pictures from my summer so far! 
California's got some big ass trees
Driving along the Pacific Coast Highway

One of the 100ish baby spiders that decided to hatch in my kitchen.  I felt like I had something crawling on my for weeks after they hatched.

My 180lb lovable mastiff, Max.  
Who doesn't love setting of fireworks on the 4th of July?
After about 11 hours of roasting 


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