Friday, August 24, 2012

Counting Down The Days

Are you excited yet?  All packed?  Got your boots broken in?  Ready to start the best 4 years of your life with the best 4 days of your life?  Well if not, you still have a couple of days.  We're about half way through Leadership Training Week and gearing up for your arrival.  With our student leaders currently out on leadership trips where they spend 3 days practicing all of the wilderness, medical, leadership, and training skills learned in the past week, we Coordinators are on campus organizing for the AESOP trips.  For the past week our leaders have been completing 16 hour wilderness first aid classes, canoe rescue & safety, fire building, risk management, ice breaking, bear wrestling, trip itinerary perfecting,  spider taming, scavenger hunt winning, orienteering, puddle swimming, ridge running, general awesomeness classes, and microeconomics.  Although the pictures might make it seem like it's all fun and games during leadership week our student leaders are working from 8 am till 7 pm every day making sure they can handle anything that may come up during AESOP trips.  Bear wrestling included.   

  ~ The beloved Lake Andrews on an incredible Maine summer day!~

We really cant believe that you all are going to be arriving in just three days after beginning the planning for AESOP over 7 months ago skyping across the globe.  Our leaders arrive back on campus tomorrow to organize the last of the gear and get ready for your arrival.  Remember that if you need to be picked up in Portland on Monday contact us with your travel itineraries so we know when to pick you up!

 ~Gettin' low for the egg toss~

~Mackie and Ellie, passing the time during the leader scavenger hunt~

   ~ Some of your fearless leaders gettin' all sorts of crazy for the Leadership scavenger hunt~

 ~A quick game of Ninja, anyone?~

 ~Final point deliberations underneath a fabulous sunset~

 ~AESOP Coordinators trying to spell AESOP... can you tell?~

 ~7 am breakfast at 280 before leadership trips went out!~

~Much Love~
Will 'This Isn't Real Coffee, Iced Mocha Coffee Coolatta' (no sugar needed)
Mackie Mocha Latte (no sugar please)
Extra Iced, Extra Tall, Extra Ellie Iced Coffee (one sugar please)

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