Thursday, August 16, 2012


 Hi All!

What's one of the most fun parts about being an AESOP coordinator? Spending over 2 hours and $3000 shopping for food for you all! Yesterday we spent the morning buying pasta, granola bars, beans and some special surprises for all the AESOP trips. We got some pretty strange looks as we cleared out whole SHELVES of food as normal customers would grab only a few boxes. In total? 6 full carts worth of food that we transported from BJ's Wholesale to the  15- passenger van (in assembly line, of course) and all the tasty treats are now safely in the basement of Pettingill Hall. Was it raining? Yes. Did people think we were crazy? Yes. But we loved it! The leaders are arriving on Sunday (um, what?!) and you all are coming the Monday after (get stoked!) Stay hungry and see you soon!

                                                              Peace and Pasta Sauce!  


                                               ~"Life is like a box of oatmeal...."~

                                ~ 45 boxes wasn't enough so we had our friend help us out...~

                                                               ~ Last minute calculations!~

                                           ~ Just all in a days work, ya know?~

                                   ~ Don't worry, we made sure the Ragu was strapped in.~

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