Sunday, August 19, 2012

Late Nights, Early Mornings, and Some Big @$$ Balloons

Good afternoon!  We've been working into the late hours of the nights and waking in the early morn getting ready for you all to arrive.  With your fearless leaders arriving today to start the Leadership Training Week AESOP is finally starting to feel real! At 4pm we'll be having a big ole BBQ at 280 while sharing big hugs and stories with all the leaders. To prepare for the beginning of Leadership Week we rose at 5:30 am to see the EPIC hot air balloons lift off at the 20th Annual Great Falls Balloon Festival in Lewiston! With tiny eyes and lots of yawns, we arrived downtown just in time to see the balloons  inflating... and it was incredible! 

Check out some of our pictures from the last few days!

                                                 ~ There's NO way we can sit in our office all day...~

                                                           ~ But at night we kinda have to...~

                                                         ~Sortin', Sortin' and more Sortin'!~

~ A terrifying ride on the Zipper after a big meal at Pat's Pizza in Auburn... Good decision? It was awesome!!

                                          ~Looks like a whole bunch of marshmallows, no?~

   ~Just a gentle blow torch flame... ~

                              ~Baller pic by Will... you can see all the way through!~

                                                                      ~Pepe Le Pew, anyone?~

 ~Dear Pop Shoppe, Thanks for being open at 6:30 this morning.~

~ The best place to grab breakfast after an early morning wake up~

~Frye Street, all nice and quiet before the masses arrive!~

Keep it real y'all. We're so pumped!!

~Billiam, Mac Attack, Elster~

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