Sunday, August 26, 2012

We're So Excited We Could Disco!

Well Well Well.  The gear is packed, the food is sorted, and your leaders were trained all in time for us to tear up the Lewiston/ Auburn Rollerdrome.  After getting back from their leadership trips and taking some quick afternoon naps we decided to show the Rollerdrome what Batesies are made of.  Maybe we showed a little too much?  With wild costumes, sick nasty dance moves, lots and lots of skin, and a dog named Ralph we skated the night away.  Things got wild.
~Rollerdrome cant handle us~

Wild cat leader killin it on the roller floor
Flagstaff Leader Jeremy & Asst. Coor. Josh reppin the blades

While the Leaders were out on their trips we've been here tripple checking gear and making last minute runs to LL Bean to pick up some extra backpacks, sleeping bags, and pads for your trips.  FINALLY we are able to safely say that we are ready for you all to show up tomorrow.  We had our annual end of Leadership Week BBQ at Range Pond (local lake/beach that is a definite Bates scene during short term slash best month of your upcoming years) where we handed out the leader AESOP shirts and got some good ol' grillin' & chillin' done.   

~Good ol' Bean~

~5000 Granola bars anyone? We promise you'll be well fed on AESOP~

~Gimmee some of those burgers~

As a reminder, AESOP registration/ check in is from 8am-4pm in the PGill Atrium.  This is where you'll check in for your trip, pick up gear, and get your shirts.  All of your leaders will be helping you move in to your dorms and doing shuttle runs from Portland to Bates (If you have contacted us about being picked up).

Till tomorrow, enjoy your last night not being a Batesie.  It only gets better from here.

~Sleep well and travel safely~ 

~I don't think there could be a sexier bunch of AESOP Coordinators~

~Couples song on the roller floor~

~A lil Coordinator encouragement for the disco dance off~

~Shake it ~
~Who likes normal photos anyway? AESOP Coordinator & Leader group shot~
~Josh & Allie sextuple checking the trip gear boxes~

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