Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Calm Before it Begins...

Time flies when you are working hard, huh? The head coordinators took a brief business trip to Ellie's lake house in North Conoway, NH for some AESOP planning and R&R.  We water-skied, made epic grilled cheeses, and watched a beautiful lightning storm. It was so great to  relax and enjoy ourselves while brainstorming new ways to make AESOP that much better this year! Below, a video is posted 

Finally the assistants have arrived and AESOP has officially begun, which marks the first time that all 5 of us have been together in the same location to coordinate AESOP! So watch out! We have come finally come back together from our adventures in Iceland, Chile,  India, and good ol' Lewiston Maine and have proclaimed ourselves the Fearless-Five. Tomorrow we are preparing ourselves for the huge BJ's shopping trip! This hefty list includes  62 packages of jelly, 170 boxes of pasta, 61 cases of oatmeal and over 2000 tortillas  to purchase (don't worry, we'll post some pics for proof!) We all can feel the buzz of AESOP and we are STOKED to have our leaders show up, to meet all the fabulous first-years and to show you all what the great outdoors of New England has to offer! 

~All of us feeling a little crazy after a long day!~

All five of us have been crashing in an off-campus apartment, cooking dinner nightly after spending  toasty (re: super sweaty) days in the AESOP office.   We all splurged last night, however, and had dinner in Commons with our  AESOP adviser/First-Year Dean Holly Gurney. We felt a little ill after the slight food binge due to the thrill of all the free ice cream and Vegan Bar offerings... Ever heard of food babies?  If not you'll understand after unlimited access to commons under the Bates' meal plan.  We've also been kitten-sittin' our friend's new cat Misty. She's one part adorable, two parts psychopath but we love her :)

Check back for more updates on all things AESOP... Get pumped!!

Watching the storm on Ellie's porch

  Our darling, Misty

  ~Mackie, Ellie, & Will~

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